When a Pit Bull takes the baby’s diaper and starts dragging her, the family realizes why she is a hero in a matter of seconds.

A terrible tragedy struck California mother Latana Chai recently.

When she was at home with her seven month old daughter Masailah, the unimaginable happened. Masailah is roughly the same size as Sasha, the family’s eight month old pit bull.

The mother heard Sasha barking and scratching behind the front door at midnight on June 3. She immediately felt uneasy when she noticed that the dog’s barking was particularly audible. She was aware of a problem. It was very different from the gentle family pet with four legs.

To see what the dog was barking about outside, she opened the door, and then she saw black smoke and flames coming from the house next door. According to KTVU, the fire quickly reached Latana’s house.

What Sasha did next is now being hailed by animal lovers all over the world.

Sasha, a pit bull, and how she saved her family from a tragic incident are the focus of this example of pit bull love and affection.

Sasha was already on her way, so Latana ran up the stairs to Masaila.

Latana was amazed as the family’s pit bull dragged the infant away from danger after biting her diapers.

After that, the mother was able to safely lead everyone outside to safety.

The family might have caught fire if Sasha hadn’t given them a heads-up.

Since Masailah was born, Sasha and Masailah have clearly had a special relationship.

Take a look at the following news report.

Sadly, many people continue to believe that pit bulls only fight aggressive dogs.

They may appear mean from the outside, but many of them have pure hearts.

This story demonstrates once more that pit bulls are wonderful family pets whose proper training is the responsibility of their owners!

Other Animals Who Rescued People

It is not very common for wild animals to assist humans, but it has occurred. The story of how three lions saved a young girl from kidnappers in Ethiopia is a great example.

Young women frequently live in fear in Ethiopia. Sadly, there are numerous instances of women being kidnapped and forced into marriage.

Local police told NBC News that seven men kidnapped a 12 years old girl with the intention of forcing her to marry another person.

She went missing for a week after being repeatedly beaten. However, the three lions that saved her were a surprise to the captors.

The men and the girl were in trouble when a small pack of lions saw them and quickly sent their captors fleeing for their lives. The little girl was protected and watched by them for about half a day.

Sgt. said, “They just left her as a gift and went back into the woods. They kept watch until we found her.” NBC News heard from Wondimu Wedajo.

It could have been much worse if the lions hadn’t saved her. In order to force these young girl into marriage, they are frequently raped and severely beaten,” he added.

Are you familiar with Flipper? Fiction and reality might not be that far apart.

A group of dolphins approached and herded a group of friends and family members who were swimming off the New Zealand coast.

According to The Guardian, it turned out that the dolphins were attempting to guard the family from large sharks.

A family member told the New Zealand Press Association, “They started picking us up, they pressed the four of us together, making tight circles around us.”

Three beavers rescue an orphaned boy and keep him company until he returns to civilization in this wonderful tale.

When the disaster struck, Rheal Guindon, a young boy from Ontario, Canada, was fishing with his parents. Rheal stayed ashore, but her parents tragically drowned when their boat capsized.

He attempted to seek assistance in the nearest town in a state of panic, but as the sun set, he realized that he would have to spend the night outside.

He felt a “warm, furry body” press against him as he lay traumatized on the ground. He fell asleep because he thought it was a dog. The following morning, he found three wild beavers huddled against him when he awoke. When the temperature dropped below zero at night, they saved him from freezing to death.