When Mother visits her 6 years old son for lunch, Teachers publicly shame him.

A 6 years old boy from Grants Pass, Oregon, showed up to school late in 2015. Because his family was having issues with their cars, Hunter’s mother Nicole was aware that he would probably end up in jail.

Nicole witnessed her son undergo what many would agree was public humiliation rather than Hunter being imprisoned.

Simply to say, she was not happy at all.

Nicole was in poor health, and to make matters worse, the family car decided that she should not use it while she was driving her son Hunter to school.

Nicole tried her best to drive her son to Lincoln Elementary down the street, but she was a few minutes late because she couldn’t take the bus.


Poor Hunter was aware that he would be arrested, so he ran screaming to school. Nicole was very sorry about everything, but she made the decision to go to school during lunch to check on him and, if possible, encourage him.

“Hunter may not always be prepared, but the majority of the time it is not his fault that he is late. KDRV reported that Nicole has osteoporosis, which makes his activities painful and challenging, particularly in the morning.

Nicole saw Hunter sitting by himself as she entered the school. She was astounded to find that her child was separated from different kids at school.


The 6 years old sat behind a white partition, blocking his view of the other children and preventing him from interacting with them.

In addition, he has a cup with the letter D for Detention while Hunter was sitting in tears.

The mother’s heart was broken when Hunter was rejected and humiliated in public.

As any mother would be, Nicole was appalled by the school’s treatment of her son. The punishment seemed excessively harsh.

The fact that Hunter rarely showed up to school and was late enough for assignments that day exacerbated Nicole’s anger.

The mother could scarcely trust her eyes, however she wasn’t going to let what befell her child slip by everyone’s notice.

Nicole took a picture of Hunter sitting shamefully in her closet because she was aware that she had to act. After that, he posted it on Facebook, where it quickly spread throughout the community.

Hunter’s grandma shared the photos on Facebook and the post produced more than 75 000 offers:

“Hunter, my grandson, is here. He is only a small first-grader. The car that is his mother’s sometimes won’t start right up. He occasionally arrives at school a few minutes late. He was one minute late yesterday, and his mother discovered that this is what they do to punish him! They have done this to him six times because they can’t control this baby! In front of the other students, they ridicule him! This is the responsibility of the principal. He was crying when his mother found him there and took him home for the day. Anybody need to assist me with flooding this woman head with calls telling her how improper this is?”


It appeared as though Hunter had been bullied by the school’s policy.

Snopes says that the school district received a lot of irate phone calls and that the school’s Facebook page received a lot of negative feedback.

Others in Grants Pass wanted to assist after the photos went viral. Strangers came together to assist them with their car issues, and they made it their mission to ensure that Hunter would never again be late for school.

When Hunter’s parents showed up to pick up their car from the mechanic, they were taken by surprise.

A few days later, Nicole and her family went to Kelly’s Auto Repair, expecting to find that their car would not be fixed. Tracker’s dad, Imprint Cmelo, anticipated all the more terrible news about the vehicle.

However, it was the reverse.

To ensure that the new vehicle was dependable, the car dealer collaborated with the community to purchase it.

In order to participate, a number of businesses in Grants Pass and Medford, Oregon, as well as local radio host Bill Meyer joined forces.

The keys to a Chrysler van were then given to Nicole and her family.

“Do you see that minivan parked there?” Kelly’s Automotive Service’s Lisa McClease-Kelly posed the question.


She handed Marc the keys to a Chrysler minivan and said, “That’s yours.”

The entire family was moved and shocked.

Marc, a content father, exclaimed, “I’m amazed that the community is coming together like this and seeing that there are still good people out there.”

His story not only altered the school’s detention policy but also procured Hunter a vehicle to ensure that he arrived at school on time.

So that children wouldn’t be shamed in front of their classmates, they designated a classroom with supervision.


With a charity that does not provide Nicole and her family with inexhaustible assistance, the people of Grants Pass demonstrated that wherever there is love, there is always hope.

My heart is warmed by the story’s conclusion, and I hope the youngster has many more positive interactions with his teachers in the future. He be blessed! Share this article on

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