When rescuers discover him, they notice what’s on his bedside table.

One of the most terrifying things in the world has to be realizing that one of your children is missing.

Since your first instinct as a parent is to love and protect your child at all costs, it doesn’t take long for panic to set in when they go missing and you can’t do anything about it.

When Kaydon Leach, a six years old boy, and his dog Chula vanished on April 23, 2018, this is what his parents went through.

The search, which is expected to involve 100 people and last into Tuesday night, began at 7 p.m. When Kaydon was discovered, he wasn’t alone.

Kaydon Leach went missing in Blount County, Tennessee on the evening of April 23, 2018. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation soon issued an Endangered Child Alert and emergency crews conducted a 2,000-acre online search overnight.

Fear for Kaydon’s safety was of the utmost importance because he is only six years old. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, K-9 teams, a SWAT team from the Blount County Sheriff’s Office, a military Black Hawk helicopter, and volunteer search teams from the local community were all part of the massive effort to locate him.

At 3:30 p.m. local time, 22 hours later, Kaydon was discovered approximately half a mile from his home in the Blount County community of Top of the World.

The police fire department and volunteers are not the story’s real heroes, despite the incredible efforts of numerous searches to locate him. Instead, it is the terrier mix of black and white that Kaydon shared with him; Chula.

Chula watched over Kaydon and protected him until the others reached him, even though Kaydon had been out in the rain all night.

According to Chief Deputy Jeff French of the Blount County Sheriff’s Office, the dog growled at the rescuers as they approached Kaydon.

Chula remained by his master’s side through the rain and darkness of the night. He is such a good boy!

When Kaydon was found, the rescuers wrapped him in jackets and carried him up the hill to the road because he was cold. After that, he was brought to Blount Memorial Hospital. His family thanked everyone who was involved in the search in a statement.

Because Kaydon was cold rescue workers wrapped him in coats and carried him to the road up the hill. After that, he was brought to Blount Memorial Hospital. His family thanked everyone who helped with the search in a statement.

I’m glad the story came to a happy conclusion. They are correct when they say that dogs They are unquestionably man’s best friend.

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