When the waiter leaves the table, she leaves a message for the woman’s husband.

Jackie was finally able to take her husband out to dinner for the first time in months. It was a much needed break for both of them, even if it wasn’t exactly the perfect date it was years ago. Jackie quickly realized that all this was a mistake, because she expected peace and quiet in the restaurant. Jackie saw her husband look at the waiter as she left the table. Jackie felt her blood pressure rise as she looked at the bill. When the waiter did what was on her mind? Jackie sat down after returning from the bathroom, feeling betrayed and confused. She was not prepared for what happened next.

Jackie know what would happen an hour later when the welcoming waitress smiled at the two and took their orders. Jackie noticed the baby crying shortly after the pizza arrived. She opened the bag and started looking for the bottle when she realized she was caught.

Jackie’s baby wanted to eat that everyone already had. The milk bottle was not there and the best solution is to drink straight from the source. Jackie grabbed the baby and began to breastfeed him at the table after looking around and notice that everyone was looking at her.

The man who was sitting across the room from her and was bragging to his friend about how much money she made and how she was a millionaire, saw her feeding the baby, stood up and said under his breath, “Oh, this is disgusting and I can’t finish my meal.” Jackie was very embarrassed, but things got better.

Jackie went to the bathroom after taking care the baby and Tom asked for the bill. What was strange is when the waiter return with the bill she had written on was peculiar. Imagine Jackie’s reaction when she saw her husband smiling and addressing the waiter when she wasn’t there at the time!

She looked at him with a smile as she read her notes. With her reassuring nod, Tom returned her smile and took her hand. Jackie read was amazing! She could only raise her head to see if the waitress was nearby, she stood at the bar and looked at her own table. Jackie smiled “Thank you!” The note said.

” I bought one of your pizzas. Please thank your wife for breastfeeding! ” wrote the note given to Jackie by the waiter who was publicly impressed by Jackie’s bravery and wanted to support Jackie and other mothers like her.

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