Without Telling Anyone, Bride Undergoes Major Makeover Days Before Wedding [photos]

While it is never a good idea to make judgements based solely on physical appearance, everyone likes to look their best, especially on their wedding day. We just found a story about a woman who was getting ready to take the plunge and decided to get a makeover. You are going to be blown away when you see how she turned out.

A young woman identified only as Holly, recently entered a salon to get a a new hair styling. She has always worn her hair extremely long, mostly because as a child, her father always complemented it. However, Holly was preparing to marry the man of her dreams and it was just time for her to make a big change.

She said “I’m a big girl already. I decided to cut my long hair, no matter what my father would say.”

She had been growing her hair since childhood and had a bicolored braid that descended below her hips.

When they were finished, she had lost almost three feet of length, and had highlights to die for. With such a simple move, she was almost reborn anew. Watch the video below to see her amazing transformation.

The relationship women have with their hair is extremely complicated, especially when you might be facing the dreaded spectre of hair loss. While men have the option of going au natural, for women it is much more socially and emotionally difficult to make the leap to Sinead O’Connor territory. It can be a sign of a whole host of health and stage of life issues, from pregnancy to menopause, to infections and eating disorders. It certainly can cause problems for self esteem and emotional well being also.

Luckily, we have just found an amazing home remedy that can stimulate hair growth and ensure healthy flowing locks for you. And it is inexpensive and non toxic. Are you ready?

First, you will need to find an inexpensive shampoo with neutral pH. Baby shampoos are usually a good choice. This will act as the base for your remedy.

You will also need lemon essential oil, rosemary essential oil, and 2 capsules of vitamin E. The lemon oil has strong antiseptic properties and has a nice fragrance while the rosemary oil is thought to stimulate blood flow, which strengthens the hair follicles. The vitamin E has been linked to strong hair growth.

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