Woman Adopts Orphaned Dog From Shelter, Now Watch The Moment He Refuses To Let Go Of Her Hand

Despite mistreatment and horrible owners, dogs always seem to be able to see past that and still love unconditionally. Despite how awful they have had it, they still show affection to anyone who shows them kindness.

Kim Mozena Rezac discovered this first hand when she met abandoned Golden Retreiver Regan.

When Regan’s owner passed away, none of her family wanted to take Regan into their homes, so unfortunately the poor pup was sent to an animal shelter. Suddenly alone, she accepted her lonely fate.

Regan was brought to a temporary home in Lebanon, Tennessee, where she would fatefully meet his future companion, Kim. Walking into the shelter in Lebanon, Kim noticed Regan immediately and tried to introduce herself. But the sad golden retriever was too shy to socialise.

But Kim wasn’t willing to give up on Regan and after 3 days of persistence, Regan eventually began to trust Kim. “You could tell she was scared and afraid. I would go in and give her treats and sit with her and talk,” Kim said of their interactions.

Growing closer by the day, Kim decided that she couldn’t leave Regan at the shelter and decided to bring her home with her. Kim intended to foster Regan until she found a forever home.

She knew how excited Regan would be to leave the shelter, but she never expected just how much it would mean to her.

As soon as they were out on the road, driving to Kim’s house, Regan did something that melted Kim’s heart. Regan placed her paw on top of Kim’s hand and wouldn’t let go. Even when Kim took her hand away to focus on the road, Regan would nudge her with her paw and demand her hand back.

Regan was clearly so grateful for Kim’s kindness and for her taking her away from the loneliness of the animal shelter. Dogs feel emotion just the same as humans and Regan’s reaction is proof.


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