Woman dies ‘alone and in isolation’ after COVID-19 keeps her from her family

Self-isolation is what we should all be doing at this stage to stop the spread of this potentially deadly virus and to protect the most vulnerable people of our communities but it’s easier said than done.

We don’t know how long this virus is going to be around for so halting our lives indefinitely is not always possible.

But when it comes to those who are gravely sick, they are having to stay in isolation away from their worried loved ones.

In a heartbreaking post from Caroline Hopton, she revealed her mom was diagnosed with COVID-19 and as her condition got worse she was isolated from her loved ones. Her mom died the next day.

 Caroline said the virus had stopped her from holding her mum's hand due to isolation

Isolating her stopped Caroline from “holding my dearest mum’s hand in her final moments last night”.

Ms Hopton described her ordeal on Twitter, writing: “She died alone in isolation after being admitted early Sat AM and was put in isolation ‘just in case’.

“It made losing her even more devastating. How many other families will go through (the) same?”

According to The Sun newspaper she was told by hospital staff that her mother’s condition was deteriorating and to come “at our own risk”.

She said: “I left and got a puncture on the way.

“My sibling arrived and masked, suited and booted but she had already passed.”

Caroline’s tweet quickly went viral and many replied to show their support for her. She later removed the tweet and posted a new one which read:

“Folks! I can’t thank everyone enough for all the heartwarming messages. You have all really helped me today. I had no idea, however, that this tweet would be so widely shared & i’m not in a place to respond to interview requests just now, so at this point I’m going to remove x”

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Such a heartbreaking loss for Caroline and it does make me think about the others that will lose loved ones under these circumstances.

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