Woman Finds Strange Box On The Side Of The Road With A Heartbreaking Scene Inside

You never know when you will be presented with the opportunity to become a true hero. The key is being aware of your surroundings, trusting your gut, and—of course—being compassionate for those around you.

During a walk around the neighborhood, a Washington woman and her dog happened upon a small shoe box on the side of the street. Normally, the woman would’ve ignored it, but her instincts told her to stop.

When her dog seemed particularly curious about the tiny box and wouldn’t leave it alone, she knew something was definitely wrong. When she peeked inside—and saw something truly heartbreaking—she knew she was the only one who could help.

It’s not everyday that we come across a situation in which we can help save the life of someone—or something—else. That’s exactly what happened to a woman in Washington recently. While walking her dog, she stumbled upon a small shoe box on the side of the road. On any other day, she would have walked right on by. Instead, she instinctively stopped to peer inside.

Needless to say, she was utterly shocked: inside the box was a tiny kitten in desperate need of help. She was mewling softly, and she seemed hungry, thirsty, and frightened. After scooping the little kitten into her arms, the woman noticed something even more heartbreaking inside the box…

At the bottom of the box was a devastating letter written by a small child to whoever found the kitten. The note read: “My mommys [sic] boyfriend is mean to me. desperet [sic] for loving home :(.” The woman suddenly felt her heart melt.

Thankfully, the kitten was taken to the MEOW Cat Rescue in Kirkland, Washington, where the staff was more than happy to provide a safe harbor for her. They were able to give the kitten proper medical treatment and prepare her for adoption, too.

While everyone involved was worried about the health and happiness of the little boy or girl who wrote that sad note, they found some solace in knowing that at least they would be able to grant his or her wishes and find a new and loving home for the kitten. And it was all thanks to the team at MEOW Cat Rescue—and the woman who found the box!

At least MEOW was able to get the kitten clean and healthy. You could tell how happy she was to be someplace safe and dry with all of the cat food she could eat! Thank goodness that woman and her dog gave that box a second look.

The kitten would now be able to spend time with other cats her age, and she was becoming even more sweet—and even more curious—as the days went by. It goes to show you how one small deed can transform an ordinary person into a hero.

Hopefully another hero enters the life of the child who felt so scared that they gave their kitten away. What a sad story.

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