More and more women are blow drying their vaginas after sex. Here’s why even doctors are recommending it!

It sounds like an unusual fetish, but according to women’s doctors, it’s actually a very effective method of preventing vaginal mycosis (a type of infection). After sex, women who are prone to fungal infections in their vaginas should use their hairdryers.

The tip comes from American gynecologist Dr. Alyssa Dweck in her book, “The Complete A to Z for Your V.” And Beatrice Wagner, a sex therapist from Germany, agrees. She says: “While having sex with a partner, we exchange all sorts of bacteria. They feel right at home in the warm environment provided by the vagina.” But having sex doesn’t always lead to a vaginal infection: “Normally our immune systems will be ready for this. But anyone prone to vaginal infections should try to prevent them and grab the hairdryer — even if it sounds like an odd thing to do,” she explains.

Just to be clear, anyone trying this should first wash their vagina with warm water, and then use the cold air setting on the hairdryer to dry it. Alternatively, use a clean hand towel, but be careful not to dry it out completely, which can disturb the balance of the bacterial culture within the vagina. The innermost section should stay moist.

What is vaginal mycosis?

Vaginal mycosis is a very common complaint among women: 75% of all women will become infected at least once in their lives. The symptoms include itching, as well as an agonizing burning sensation in intimate areas. On top of this, this condition often produces a whitish-yellow discharge, which can have a creamy or crumbly consistency. The cause of vaginal mycosis is a yeast infection. Often, the bacteria responsible is a strain called “Candida albicans;” in 5 to 10% of cases, it’s one known as “Candida galbrata.”

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