Worst Condition Of Cholera In Yemen-Must Read to Avoid Cholera


Cholera is a disease which affected small intestine in the human body. The major causes of Cholera are vomiting, diarrhoea which appears on early stages of disease. It generates water like fish or rice water in the body and may have a fishy odour as well. A person who does not get proper treatment in time can produce 10 to 20 litres of diarrhoea a day. If it gets severe, it can take lives of the people, that’s why collectively it has been recognised as a threat to the human security. Food transmission may be another cause of cholera when people use seafood like oysters from dirty water. The poor sanitation conditions make sea and rivers dirty and polluted. In modern times, there are proper vaccines for treatment but in far fledge areas, it is not always easy for the medics to reach with medicines and to treat infected people. The diseases are what we are always to be cared about and maintain good health and without good health, we can not contribute to our society what duties it calls upon us. In underdeveloped areas, more cases of cholera are reported than the developed countries and poor sanitation and polluted drinking water are the major causes of cholera in those areas. According to the reliable statistics, 3-5 million people are affected by cholera worldwide and around 1.3 million patients could not survive.

Practically, most of the bacteria cannot survive in acidic walls of the stomach, thus they pass through the walls with other nutrients and reach to the small intestine and propel through mucus associated with helping them to make to the intestinal walls where they attack and resist in the production of proteins and subsequently, man becomes sick. Mainly it caused by ingestion of Vibrio chlorae from water or food. Though cholera shows symptoms and most of the patients do not feel symptoms and can cause the spread of disease. In order to diagnose cholera, there are certain blood tests to determine the presence of virus in the human body. The World Health Organization has taken radical steps to prevent cholera worldwide.

A large number of victims are children that are why WHO joins hands with UNICEF establishment of facilities for diagnosis and cure of cholera. It suggests keeping the focus on diagnosis, prevention and response to fight the virus. It calls the duty of governments to provide clean drinking water and good sanitation conditions to the public so that the production of the virus could be stopped. Recently, WHO reported that cholera has killed 1300 people individuals in Yemen, a war affected state, since April and reported cases rate is likely to increase up to 3 million by the end of August. From these statistics, havocs and pain caused by cholera can be imagined. Yes! Diseases are always painful but cholera is proved itself more painful in different dimensions because it affects the smooth functioning of the body. International Committee of the Red Cross has reported that the ongoing civil war in Yemen is a major cause of disease and a hindrance in providing medication to the victims.

Measures taken by WHO:

The United Nations have taken the notice of outbreak of cholera in war-torn Yemen and conduct a survey to get real statistics of infected people. The reports show that there are 2.7 million infected people in 21 different districts of Yemen and 1600 of them dies due to cholera so far. Stephane Dujardin, a spokesman of UN told about the measures taken in Yemen to combat the disease as he told that 400 tonnes of medical supplies, 30 ambulances have sent to Yemen by WHO to treat 10,000 people in Aden and adjacent areas. WHO is working on setting up different medical camps in different areas to make a fast diagnosis and 2350 beds for emergency cases. He further reported that most of the people of war-torn Yemen do not know from where their next meal would come and admires the efforts of World Food Program who provides food to the victims.

As more than half of the state is war torn and infected people, under such environments it is not easy even for the international organisations to facilitate the victims. Havocs of war affected the country up to the level that it would take decades and may be a century to reach a level where it can provide cent percent health facilities. A Saudi-led military collision against Houthi rebels has destroyed the infrastructure included hospitals which caused a shortage of beds and medicines for the patients. The severity of the cause has mentioned by an official by saying that if you get caught the victim of disease in the morning and cannot get treatment until night, you will suffer consequences. WHO issued an official statement saying “we are facing the worst cholera outbreak in the world”.

Unicef’s work in Yemen:


It appears as Yemen is passing through the worst phase of history as it is facing a civil war and epidemics together around the country and do not have the capacity to rebuild on its own. According to the article 6 of United Nations, the right to protect calls upon the duty of the international community to help any affected state in the world whatever the cause may be. The United Nations with the assistance of its other institutions like World Health Organization, International Food Program and UNICEF is taking good care of the victims of war and disease. According to the reports, the present stage of cholera has been considered the worst stage the world ever see and they take it a challenge to combat. It is not difficult to combat any challenge when there are resolve and dedication, the world has shown its resilience to help the victims to cure of cholera and make them healthy. The major duty of the government of Yemen to provide clean water and poor sanitary conditions but this duty is also performed by international organisations. You can never imagine the consequences what might be faced by Yemenis if there is no international help.

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