Zika Virus is causing a Fuss in India and It is Unstoppable

Zika virus is a disease caused by a bite of a mosquito. Mostly the pregnant women are found to be infected by Zika virus. All Indian Institutes of Medical Sciences ( AIIMS ) officials reported that 100 hundred cases were reported in seven months from December to June and no positive case was reported so far which means that that the ratio of Zika virus patients is increasing day by day. The patients o Zika virus is found in Latin America but some cases are also reported in India which implies that the virus can travel with an infected person from one place to another. A positive case of like was reported in a pregnant lady when she was in Mexico.

Since this case, there has not been reported any other positive case was in that area. Primarily, this disease is spread through mosquito bites but when it transfers from one person to another, it spreads through blood transfusion on intercourse. That is why is considered that it is mostly reported in pregnant women. The precaution measures are suggested by the experts to avoid the effects of this virus which may be helpful for the people who take extra care of their lives. Whan a lady is infected by the virus, baby gets the effects of virus such as the head of the baby remains smaller and suffer developmental delays. The diagnostic experts urge the patients to “fight against bite” and suggest following precautions.

  • Avoid mosquitoes in Dawn and dusk as much as possible.
  • Wear full sleeves and pants when you are outside
  • Must use any approved mosquito repellent.
  • Water should not be spotted around your residence
  • Consult with Doctor

World health organisation has also announced the presence of Zika Virus India and the Ministry of Health reported three cases in a single area. It is obvious that it originates in monsoon seasons and doctors reported that the capital district is vulnerable for the production of ZIka Virus. It is also predicted that the number of tests will increase due to the breakthrough of this disease.

The government of India is taking good steps to deal and mitigate the threats of Zika Virus as in established some new institutions for research and laboratories for test purposes. Integrated Disease Survilliencne Program (IDSP) is responsible for conducting tests of the general public to assess and analyse the symptoms of Zika Virus. Doctors argue that the symptoms of this virus are like of Dengue but the tests have to assure the identification of virus if there is any in the patient.

In near future, it is hard to predict that how much patients would be infected by Zika virus and how much would be provided with vaccines. It is highly recommended for the pregnant women not to travel an area or a region where a few cases are reported to avoid infection.

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